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Foreign hunters are obliged to comply with Polish Hunting Safety Regulations.
The most important regulations are:

§ 1.
Hunter is responsible for using the firearm and the ammunition in a safety manner. Hunter is obliged to comply with following rules:
1. Use the firearms technically efficient.
2. Check whether the barrels are not clogged every time you load your firearm.
3. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction (up or down): when you are loading and unloading your firearm; when moving in game shooting area; during break in hunting; when getting in and out of the vehicle and in other similar situations regardless of the gun is loaded or unloaded.

§ 2.
1. The hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded and in the cover everywhere except the game shooting district where he is permitted to hunt.
2. In the game shooting district, when moving thru build-up terrain, hunter has to keep his weapon unloaded.

§ 3.
1. During driven hunting firearm may be loaded only after taking a post, before the first drive.
2. During driven hunting between each drive, hunter must remove the cartridges from chambers before leaving the post. The cartridges may be put in the chambers again only after the hunter has taken a post before the next drive.
3. After the last drive, before leaving the post, hunter has to unload his weapon.
4. During breaks the leader of the hunting should check randomly whether hunters have removed the cartridges from chambers. After the hunting the leader of the hunting should check randomly whether the hunters have unloaded their firearms.
5. The use of telescopic sights in driven hunting is possible only on the condition that telescopic sight does not exceed 3 times magnification.

§ 4.
1. The hunters must remove the cartridges out of chambers when crossing barriers such us ditches, fences, footbridges, climbing up or down the look-outs and during breaks in hunting when the weapon is not put aside.
2. When crossing difficult terrain (hilly, boggy, slippery or densely overgrown terrain), when crossing thru deep snow and when reprimanding a dog always keep the safety of your firearm on.
3. The firearm which is put aside during the break must be unloaded. The firearm should be put near the hunter, in his field of vision. It should also be protected from falling down.

§ 5.
1. Do not aim at game and shoot at it if:
1. In the line of the fire there are other hunters, other people, farm animals, buildings or vehicles, and the distance between the hunter and the game does not guarantee taking a safe shot.
2. The game is on the pick of the rise.
3. The game is in the distance smaller than 200 meters from operating farm machines.

§ 6.
1. Aiming at game and shooting at it is permitted if:
1. There are conditions which guarantee taking an effective shot and possibility of raising the shot animal.
2. The conditions guarantee the safety of the surrounding.
3. The game has been accurately identified.
2. The hunter can take a shot at the game in a distance not bigger than:
1. 40 metres – when shooting with pellet or smoothbore barrel shotgun bullets;
2. 100 metres – when shooting with rifle bullets with the use of a foresight;
3. 200 metres - when shooting with rifle bullets with the use of a telescopic sight.

§ 7.
Fast trigger may be used in individual hunting only. It can be started only after the game has been identified and the gun has been levelled. If the shot has not been taken, the firearm must be protected against firing shot. The fast trigger must be switched off then.
§ 8.
1. Taking a part in hunting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
2. During driven hunting the leader of the hunting excludes from the hunting those who do not comply with this rule and there is no option to get refund of payment.

§ 9.
1. The hunter is obliged to take particular care in using firearm:
1. In the terrain where visibility is reduced;
2. In the time of intensive field works, care and exploitation works in the forests, in the time of undergrowth harvest.
2. If the hunter is accompanied by a person who does not have a permit to hunt, the hunter is obliged to instruct this person how to behave during the hunting.

§ 10.
During driven hunting:
1. Do not fire shot along the line of the hunters. The shot along the line of the hunters is a shot which hits a point located less than 10 metres from the hunter nearest to the one that fires shot.
2. Do not fire shot from the position in the line of the hunters towards position in the flanks and vice versa if the distance between these two positions or the configuration of the terrain do not guarantee safety.
3. Do not take positions in ditches, excavations and dips.
4. After taking position, the hunter is obliged to be sitting or standing.
5. Shoot from standing position only. This restriction does not apply to shooting from highseats.
6. Firing shot at the game located away from the litter is permitted at the distance not bigger than 100 metres.
7. Firing shot at the game in the litter is permitted with taking particular care, at the distance not bigger than 40 metres.
8. Fire shot at the litter of the fawn game only with permission of the leader of the hunting, in conditions which guarantee safety.
9. Do not shoot at the game in the litter when the beaters are located in the distance smaller than 150 metres in the open area and 100 metres in the forest area.
10. It is permitted to shoot at the birds in the air towards the drive or other hunters if the firearm is hold at the angle of 60 degrees and there are not any branches or other objects in the line of the fire.
11. Taking a shot between drives is permitted only at the game sick or wounded and with permission of the leader of the hunting.
12. Shooting to animals who are under protection is prohibited. If hunter shoot or kill animal under protection he will be charged 200% price of wounded animal. 

23 March 2005 with latest changes
Act 05.61.548 (Section 3 - Important Safety Rules) of Polish Hunting Law

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