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Birds hunting – season 2017

Duck HuntDear Sirs We are pleased to invite you for a wonderful hunt. There we have an area of ​​25 000 ha of forests and water complexes. Within the forest district there are three nature reserves. In the two circuits can hunt both big game and birds. Recently, more and more popular hunting birds (geese, ducks), strongly associated with the environment surrounding the joints.

Beautiful geese on a pondMoreover, there are also the hunting of foxes, badgers, raccoon dogs, pheasant and pigeon. Inventory compiled by the estimated number of animals was in March 2009, 240 pieces of deer, 89 fallow pieces, 797 pieces of deer, wild boar 300 pc and 165 pc foxes. While the average gain in the hunting season deer is 100 pc, 40 pc deer, roe deer 160 pcs, 330 pcs 180 pcs wild boar and foxes. Infrastructure conducive to the conduct of hunting. The complex is located 162 blinds and 50 feeders.

Group of pheasants in the wetlands  View of the land of lakes and wetlands

The site for lovers of hunting provides a set of impressions. In addition to traditional hunting also can use the commercial fishery areas for fishing and tourism activities in the area are in many cycling routes.

Hunt Adventure Tour provides a great trophy, the highest quality service and care for the entire stay, not only in the fishery. All members of our team are experienced hunters who know how it should look well-organized hunting. Every customer from abroad is available podprowadzającego professional hunter and 4x4 car. We care about every detail of your stay to hunt adventure of your life.

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We adjust accommodation to the expectations of hunters. They may be hunting cabins, elegant palaces and ancient castles and fortresses. In addition, at the request of customers, we can offer a number of additional attractions such as horse riding, spa, adventure sports, sightseeing and small child playing and having fun.

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                Great accommodation place for hunters    Flott innkvartering sted for jegere

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