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Individual hunting bison from November 2019 to February 2020

Two bison in winter sceneryThe remains probably the oldest known ancestor science bison - Probison dehni - found in areas of southern Asia. Presumably this, living more than 2 million years ago, the species has identified the type of Bison, represented, among others, the steppe bison (longhorn) - Bison priscus, which is the ancestor of the lowland bison and bison American.

Alive in plejstocenieBison priscus was a powerful, living animal herds, living in the steppes of Asia at that time. It was an animal larger than modern bison and bison living. The distance between the ends of the horns is about 1 m, the weight of about 2 tons.

Group of bison at a watering hole - Night image of the infrared cameraTraveling east to Europe, populations of this species through numerous transitional forms gave rise to the modern bison (Bison bonasus ) .

The Museum of Nature - Forest Bialowieza National Park is a piece of fossilized skull of Bison priscus found in the river Narew near the village of Cichowola ( Bialowieza Forest ) in 1936

According to data from 2012 in Poland bison alive in 1299 , most of them in flocks of freedom . Almost half of the free population of Polish is concentrated in the Bialowieza Forest , moreover, wild bison in Poland can be found in the Bieszczady Mountains , Forest Knyszyńska Borecka Forest and in the area Mirosławiec and Drawska Pomeranian in West Pomerania .

Today, the bison is a protected species in Poland, but not less as of each species in order to maintain the proper proportions and proper development of the various individual herds are reduced . Hunting bison only possible with the permission of the Director-General for Environmental Protection.

Fighting animals - bison Bison on the edge of the forest

Hunt Adventure offers you the opportunity to acquire this extremely rare individual!


Accommodation and hunting Hunter Accompanying person
6 days accommodation and  5 days hunting 1800 EUR 900 EUR
7 days accommodation and  6 days hunting 2100 EUR 1050 EUR

Calculation included all (no additional cost)

  • accommodation + full board, 
  • preparing hunting ground and hunting organization,
  • preparation and evaluation of trophies,
  • pilot + translation assistance
  • stalking + transport to/from hunting ground
  • insurance + documentation




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We adjust accommodation to the expectations of hunters. They may be hunting cabins, elegant palaces and ancient castles and fortresses. In addition, at the request of customers, we can offer a number of additional attractions such as horse riding, spa, adventure sports, sightseeing and small child playing and having fun.

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