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Fallow deer hunt - sesaon from october 2019 till end of january 2020

Fallowdeer in bushFallow deer reminds the red deer, but in contrast to it is higher and less shapely. Male fallow deer reaches a length of 140 cm and a weight up to 70 kg, of which 4 kg is the same antlers. Much less is a doe, which reaches about half the weight, than a bull. The neck is short fallow, tail longer than the deer is its characteristic. A distinguishing feature fallow deer antlers is also U-shaped - in the middle of its height a shovel starts, the back protruding knots.

Group of fallow deersDeer rut takes place in autumn and lasts from mid-October to November. At the time of oestrus bull digs special recess for lying, in which he urinates. After some time, the place is very smelly. During bykowiska male gathers around himself up to 8 action that the detained for up to two weeks. During this time, fighting is taking place between the bulls, which repel each other than females. A place to hide are rujowiska, ie the aforementioned cavity excavated by a bull. It is easy to recognize Daniel's time of oestrus due to the characteristic bleating, which seems bull. Pregnancy lasts 7.5 months, the young are born in the summer. The period of intensive care and feeding lasts until the end of the year. After this time, the young fallow in Poland tend to gradually self-reliance that already in the second year of life to be able to reproduce.

Fighting stag female and kid group

Fallow deer, in contrast to the deer can cause considerable damage to the fields, where wydeptuje grain and grass, but it is less harmful to the forest. Pretends to feed mostly at night, or afternoon.
Only the best hunting grounds offer to acquire species above 3-3.5 kg.

If you want to get know more information - write to us and we will prepare a special offer for you and your colleagues.

Big trophy in Poland Hunting fallow deer in Poland


Accommodation and hunting Hunter Accompanying person
4 days accommodation and 3 days hunting 716 EUR 356 EUR
5 days accommodation and  4 days hunting 935 EUR 445 EUR
6 days accommodation and  5 days hunting 1134EUR 534 EUR
7 days accommodation and  6 days hunting 1333 EUR 623 EUR

Calculation included all (no additional cost)

  • accommodation + full board, 
  • preparing hunting ground and hunting organization,
  • preparation and evaluation of trophies,
  • pilot + translation assistance
  • stalking + transport to/from hunting ground
  • insurance + documentation


Fallow deer stag season: 01.10. - 31.01.
Fallow deer stag trophy: antlers

Fee for the weight of antlers with skull, nasal and occipital bone and upper jaw.

Weight Cost Extra
to 1,49 kg 400,00 EUR  
from 1,50 to 2,49 kg 450,00 EUR for each 0,01kg over 1,5kg + 3,00 EUR
from 2,50 to 2,99 kg 747,00 EUR for each 0,01kg over 2,5kg + 3,50 EUR
from 3,00 kg 918,50 EUR for each 0,01kg over 3,0kg + 12,00 EUR

Fallow deer hind and calf season: 01.10. - 15.01.

Fallow Deer spiker 300,00 EUR
Fallow Deer stag - wounded 550,00 EUR
Fallow Deer hind - shot or wounded 80,00 EUR
Fallow Deer calf - shot or wounded 80,00 EUR


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We adjust accommodation to the expectations of hunters. They may be hunting cabins, elegant palaces and ancient castles and fortresses. In addition, at the request of customers, we can offer a number of additional attractions such as horse riding, spa, adventure sports, sightseeing and small child playing and having fun.

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